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Welcome to Quality Made 4 You,LLC,
Dennis Frame stumbled into this line of work. Several years ago Dennis had a construction business, and like most, there was scrap material left over after completing the jobs. He always thought there must be a good use for this scrap, so he started making bird feeders and bird houses for family and friends. He calls it "his way of keeping more out of the landfill and be green."

Dennis enjoys the feeling of the open road, while looking for his old barn wood. He rides his Harley Davidson motorcycle, because it gets him much better mileage than his construction rig. He enjoys hunting, camping, hiking and any other outdoor activity that can provide materials or inspiration for his products. His day job is a window glazier (he owns his own business, Glass People and spends most days in customers' homes. He uses this business to relax, be creative, and use the proceeds for good works.
Welcome to Quality Made 4 You, LLC.
   Contact Information

Quality Made 4 You, LLC.
2110 NW Alocleck Dr. #611
Hillsboro, Oregon 97124
Phone: +1-503-615-8527
Email: dframe @ qualitymade4you.com
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